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THEO - Corporate Legal Departments

THEO Corporate is a cloud based solution that can be client customised as per requirement. It is responsive and can be accessed from any location or device enjoying an internet connection. The software can be employed either of the company’s internal server, or else CFCS can provide a separate cloud resource captive to the firm. This ensures that there is no data or resource sharing. This makes THEO Corporate more secure.

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Number of new cases filed this month

External Cases, Cases filed by the company

Details of legal notices received

Town of origin, Name of lawyer who has sent it, Name of person on whose behalf, Scan copy of notice, Notice received in regards to what


Details of summons received

Location of court ( town), Case details on which summons has been issued, Details of external lawyer who has been assigned to the case

Details of legal notices sent on behalf of the company

Details of reason of sending legal notice, Lawyer who sent the notice on behalf of the company, Town


Details of risk sensing information submitted

Name of lawyer who sent this, Name of town where the risk could be, Nature of risk

Details of the cases filed (old and new)

Which court (i. Supreme Court ii. High Courts iii. District Courts iv. Lower Courts v. Tribunals), Location of case filed (town), Which lawyer is looking after the case, Details of court fee / affidavit/stamp paper, When was the last hearing, When is the next hearing, Details of judgement if settled, Details of appeals if appealed, If appealed in higher court (i. Location of court ii. Name of new lawyer, if lawyer changes), Name of internal associate handling/coordinating with external lawyer


Details of external lawyers

Location (town), Representation in which court, Area of expertise ( GST, Civil, Labour), Number of company cases being handled, Last payment due/made, Total payment made in current financial year


All documents pertaining to a case, Documents received from external lawyers : Case wise/lawyer wise, Document sent to external lawyers: Case wise/lawyer wise


Details of work allocated to internal associates


In court settlement, Out of court settlement, Payouts/penalities, Action taken of court orders


Interest calculator


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Windows, iOS, Android, Linux

icon Devices

Desktop, Laptop, Mobile, Tablet, iPad

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Web-Based, Perpetual

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