Legal matters management software- proficiency enhancer for law firms

09 Mar 2023

Legal matters management software- proficiency enhancer for law firms

What is legal matters management software?
Legal matters management software is a tool that helps lawyers compile all pertinent legal data and documents pertaining to individual cases in a single, central database that is under the control of the law firm or in-house legal department. 

What are the generic usages of legal matters management software?

Listed below are just a few applications for legal matters management software:

  • Manage deadlines: To assist legal teams in more easily and consistently meeting their deadlines. Matter management tools capture and track important dates.
  • Assign tasks: Using legal matter management software, legal teams can rapidly assign coworkers or vendors to matters and work with them online.
  • Track the state of issues: The software usually allows users to monitor the development of specific issues and tasks associated with those issues.
  • Create matter-specific permission controls: Some matter management tools let legal teams handle the user access settings for specific matters. Files are centralized and organised. Emails, case files, and other documents related to matters are stored in a central location using matter management tools.
  • Track progress in relation to KPIs: Matter management tools are helpful for tracking progress in relation to the KPIs for your legal department because of the wealth of data they collect.

Are there specific variants of the software?
Enterprise case management software: Using case management software, your business can track and store client data, including contact and billing details, case notes, meeting scheduling and history, and client interactions, in one convenient location.

Law firm billing software: Legal professionals can monitor the time spent on their projects and manage data for numerous clients with the aid of law firm billing software without spending extra time on accounting purposes.

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